Keana Texeira Peta2 Campaign Photoshoot

I’ve been an animal lover and advocate from the beginning,” Keana dished. “One film that has definitely influenced my views is The Cove, especially because the dolphin slaughter ongoing in Japan is happening in a country that has launched my career.”

I love animals so much. Since I was little, I’ve wanted to be either a veterinarian or marine biologist (dogs and dolphins are two of my favorite species). I’ve always wanted to do all I can to help and raise awareness for their benefit. I am so excited to get involved with peta2 not only to express my love for animals, but also be a voice for them since they can’t speak for themselves. People who wear fur are killers. It is so not worth the sacrifice, pain, and suffering animals go through for the sake of vanity and glamour.

As for how you can make a difference in animals’ lives, Keana advised, “Start in your local community. See how you can get involved in helping homeless or abused animals. Definitely follow and learn more about PETA and peta2 to see what you can do for animals around the world who are in need of our help.”


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