Anushka Sharma Photoshoot for Elle 18 - Bollywood Aajtak

Elle 18 announces Anushka Sharma as the brand ambassador and introduces a bright new
range of Colour Bombs
Mumbai, February 2013: She is bold and trendy. A drama queen who loves to experiment.
A diva and now the face of Elle 18! Young fashionistas’ favourite brand announces Anushka
Sharma as its new brand ambassador and introduces new vivacious range of Color Bombs.
A  lip  color for every personality,  Elle 18 brings to you six new luscious Color Pops that will
certainly make you smile broader. The range includes various tints and shades of reds and
pinks like Red Rouge, Coral Shine, Passion Plum, Berry Blast, Peach Kiss and Pink Pout. That’s
not all! The range also introduces  six vivid nail pops that help your nails make a style
statement.  Now don’t just  stop at  aspiring  for fashion but wear  it every day with Elle 18’s
trendy yet affordable collection.


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